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Keavan Cleary

Sandra Mullings

Rudy Mazzocchi

Ive Purchased 2 dogs from Joe, they have been great getting along with each other one is named Killah she is 11 years old and the new pup is Rhea and she 3 months old. 

Quebec , Canada


It was such a pleasure to pick our pup up at our aiport after being shipped on a flight, i was nervous at first but Joe assured me the puppy will be fine. I really apprietated how he handle me being worried. Our pup Diego is now 9 months old and he is a great addition to our family. 

San diego , California 

Our dog Caine is doing amazing, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe in person to pick up my puppy. From day 1 its been a great process and I am very happy with how Caine is turning out. He is blessing to my life.

New York, New York

Our female presa from Azura has been doing awesome! She did very well in her puppy training classes , and now she is doing some protection training. She gets compliments everywhere we go! I recommend Canada Presa for someone that is looking for a Authentic Canario. 

Calgary, Alberta

Alex Bell

We will be uploading more testimonials as we update the website this week. To see more dogs we have made visit the home page and scroll down.

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