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Our Kennel is Called Canada Presa

I've been breeding Presa Canario since 2009. Throughout the years my bloodline has evolved

into a true masterpiece for those who understand pure raw quality within our breed. 

The unique , striking , and consistent phenotype of my line has surpassed expectations and the ceiling to where this breed can go. As you can tell , you may have never seen them on this level.

Continuing to keep the pedigree clean of genetic faults , selective breeding has maximized chances of producing the same or better quality every litter. Our dogs are judged by the most famous FCI and UKC and RDC judges in the world. With a combined show record of 95-0 we are the #1 ranked kennel across all breeds in the Rare Dog Club , United Kennel Club, FCI, and many more Clubs and Organizations. When it comes to Presa Canario, you can expect Canada Presa to be the leaders!

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